Stephen your Skipper with Kim 

You can be sure that to complete a project such as rebuilding a boat, acquiring the necessary qualifications and starting a business requires friends and family who are very tolerant and supportive. I am extremely fortunate to have both. Without their help and continued support i would not be able to sit aboard Wildskye as dolphins are leaping around me or White Tailed Eagles swoop down to take a Mackerel that i had just thrown for it.

Natural history has been my passion throughout my life. Growing up in a mining village near Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire enabled me to spend a great deal of time outdoors, mostly in the forest. I only saw the sea during family holidays, usually in Devon or Cornwall. Therefore, i cannot confess to the sea being in my blood, but getting close to nature most certainly is.

Spending most of my adult life as a production electrician gave me the skills necessary to rebuild the boat. Wood work, welding, electrical and electronic systems, hydraulics and mechanics were all part of my working day. However, i was never truly happy as an electrician so i decided to try and pursue a career as a wildlife photographer and cameraman. That process is still on going, operating Wildskye was always supposed to be an add on to the photography but it has certainly taken over.

I truly hope that when you take a journey out with us that we are able to share wonderful and exciting wildlife moments together and that the result of all our labours is that you enjoy your trip so much that you want to come back time and again.