Price £30 per person

The three hour trip is the same as the two hour trip up to the point of leaving the White tailed Eagle site. We still spend time waiting to see the eagle is available and interested in taking the fish we throw for it.

After that we have two options depending on the sea state at the time. If the swell is a little to high then to keep the trip comfortable we head directly to Sula Skerry, a small group of rocky islands that common seals use to rest on.

If the sea state is calm then we head off around the island of Wiay.

This route is my preferred route. We have encountered Harbour Porpoise, Basking Shark and Minke Whale. Depending on the time of year we also come across seabirds including Gannet, Shag, Cormorant, Black Guillemot, common Guillemot and the peoples favourite Puffin.

After leaving Wiay we head across the loch to Sula Skerry to view the resting Common Seals. We generally encounter a few seals here but depending on the time of tide they can be away from the rocks searching for fish. From there we make our way back to the pontoon.

The island of Wiay was once inhabited but is now only home to a few sheep. However, during the summer months the island becomes a nesting site for a large number of seabirds including a mixed gull colony.